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Automobile Urea Tank Structure Principle & Working Mechanism

Nowadays most commonly, urea tank is mainly composed by the cabinet and urea pump. Cabinet is made with slush molding process as a whole. Black non-transparent structure is durable and most commonly used. Urea pump is divided into two kinds: electric pumps and pneumatic pumps. Electric pump is driven by a motor; pneumatic pumps by pneumatic injection of urea, reliable and durable, wider use in the domestic truck, which is the key point of our presentation today.

Urea pumps is composed by the pump urea tank, liquid level temperature sensors, urea filter, urea solution pump and air urea pipelines.

Urea Pump Schematic

Urea Pump blowback Schematic

When urea pump working, urea goes through filter to filter out impurities firstly, to prevent clogging pipes and nozzles, and then enters the urea solution pump, sprays with compressed air after intensive mixing. After urea pump stopping injection, compressed air blows even reversely for some time, blowing the residual urea back to tank, to prevent urea crystallization blocking pipelines.

Urea level sensor turns liquid level signal into resistance signal, can be visually displayed on the dashboard after through the control unit. When urea level is less than 10%, urea light prompts users to add urea in time.

Because the liquid urea crystallizes below -11 ℃, so vehicles traveling in the cold area need heating devices to defrost and thaw. Urea tube adopts electric heating method, while urea pump and urea tank engine coolant liquid heating.

Notes:  Urea tank routine maintenance

Urea tank is generally arranged at one side of the chassis. Although it is located in un-conspicuous position, but frequent inspection and maintenance is required. And once someone find fault, it is a necessity to eliminate faults in time.

1. To regularly check and replace the filter urea, preventing debris blocking pipes and nozzles.

2. To check if there is white crystalline around the urea tank outside, replace pipes and timely investigate, to avoid urea leakage or urea insufficient pressure.

3. When the engine is stopped, the urea pump will continue working for a while, blowing the residual urea inside the pipe back to the tank, at this time sound in urea tank is normal.

4. If found no consumption or significantly reduced urea consumption, please investigate temperature sensors in the front row, DCU, urea pressure sensors, urea nozzle and urea level one by one, eliminate faults in time, avoiding damage to the nozzle or affecting engine power.  

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