Newly Designed HEUI System Test Bench CCR-HEUI680

      CCR-HEUI680  This HEUI System Test Bench is specially designed for CAT hydraulically actuated electronic unit injection system diagnostic test. Equiped with original imported double pump, it performs functions as leakage test, fuel injection measurement, generating test reports, etc. 

  Product Charcteristics 

■ CCR-HEUI680 is equiped with a 7.5KW motor frequency converter controlling rotation speed to drive the original imported double pump.

■ Test steps:

   Engine oil Leakage test;

   Diesel fuel leakage test;

   Test points.

■ Vertical industrial assembly character makes it can be operated neatly and assembled conveniently. Users are able to repair and change some spare parts on it without dismounting during repairing works. It saves a lot of time to repair. 






CCR-HEUI680 is designed to test HEUI CAT 3126, CAT C7/C9, CAT 3408 and other HEUI Injectors, which are equipped on the following engines:

■ Navistar T444E, as Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Engines

■ Navistar DT466E

■ Navistar I530E


■ Engine oil heating control;  

■ Diesel fuel and engine oil are separated;

■ Diesel fuel pressure range: 0-0.6Mpa;

■ Engine oil pressure range:0-250MPa;

■ Control system: Real time industrial computer control.

■ Injection drive signal pulse width and frequency is adjustable;

■ Short circuit protection function;

■ The injection time or injection times of injector can be set by yourself;

■ Date can be searched and saved.




Extra Characteristics

■ This test bench is equiped with glass protective shield, good looking and more safety.

Leakage conditions at each leakage points can be observed directly.

Users are able to figure out the faults fast, and do not need to change any parts aimlessly.

It saves your precious time and repairing costs.

■ Steel glass measuring tubes are used for metering fuel injection quantity. Solenoid valve takes control of fuel injection, more stable and reliable.

■ Industrial radiator works more effective. It avoids over-high temperature during repairing work.

Operation Interface  

■ Using Windows operation system makes operating easy;

■ Real-time displaying fuel injection quantity;

■ CCR-HEUI680 is characterized with lower failure rate and more efficiency, meets the long time and high-intensitive maintenance work needs.



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