CCR-S2 Common Rail Injector Test Bench

      CCR-S2 Common Rail Injector Test Bench performs maintenance diagnostic tests quite conveniently for Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V injectors.  With complete standard data, it can test thousands of injectors including BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, SIEMENS, CATERPILLAR, etc. This test bench has functions as automatic oil quantity measurement, automatic report generation for fuel pumps and injectors, etc. Test result accuracy and test accuracy reach the original BOSCH standards.

 Product Characteristics

Automatic Control    Click "Start" after installed the to-be-tested injector, this test bench will automatically adjust every working conditions and proceed the maintenance tests, measure oil quantity, generate test reports, determine eligibility;

Accurate Data    Using BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI original standard test bench data, test accuracy can reach the original level; 
Automatic Calibration    When testing a new injector, test bench can automatically adjust parameters of each working conditions according to its electrical characteristics, collect and save data, generate standard data for maintenance;  
Multiple Protection    Over-heating, over-voltage and over-load protections, oil tank fuel shortage tips, rail pressure too high protection, automatic shutdown when operating room cover is open, six filters protection, etc.




Injector Experiment  

■ Equipped with Bosch original imported CP3 pump and high pressure rail with DRV, it can test 2-cylinder solenoid valve or piezo injectors, proceeding injector test under different working conditions; 
■ Users can select injector cylinder for automatic measurement;

   Automatic rotation speed and steering control;  

   Automatic rail pressure adjustment:

   it can be stabilized within ±5Bar, maximum up to 2000Bar;  

   Automatic fuel measurement;

   Automatic report generation after test completed. 
■ Using BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI original test bench data, test accuracy can reach the original level; 

■ All injector drive channels have short circuit protection and open circuit tips functions.



 Operation Interface  

■Touch Screen; Using Windows opration system makes operating easier;  

■ Real-time displaying fuel injection and fuel return quantity graph;

■ All working conditions automatic measurement;

■ Automatic report generation after test completed.


 Injector Driving Characteristic Curve  

■ It is the only test system in China which is able to reach BOSCH original test bench characteristic curve standards;

■ Test result accuracy and test accuracy reach the original BOSCH standards;  

■ Able to distinguish load missing cylinder, pry cylinder or speed limited injectors.




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