Brief Introduction

 1.Install full set onto an ordinary pump test bench to proceed all kinds of EUI and EUP repair tests;

2.With hundreds of EUI and EUP standard data, which can be added and modified. Free updating service is provided.





1.EUI & EUP controller;
3.EUI adapter collection, used to stabilize and adjust a variety of EUI to get the standard stroke;
4.EUP adapter collection, used to stabilize and adjust a variety of EUP to get the standard stroke;

 EUI&EUP Controller

1.Windows operation system, connectable to screen, mouse and keyboard, can be operated conveniently.
2.100-240VAC input meets the global electricity power standards.



 Operation Platform

 1, Hundreds of part numbers and data are provided;
2, Manual and automatic test modules are optional; Injection realtime and pulse width are adjustable;
3.There is prompts of relevant adapter for each PN;
4.Test the EUI/EUP is good or not via comparing its injection oil mass with the standard mass.


 Data Management 

1.Add new part number;
2.Injection character curve is select-able;
3.Injection realtime, pulse width, standard data can be modified and stored for usage;
4.Relevant adapters are optional.




 Testing Dual-valve EUI ( DELPHI E3)

1.BOI before the dual-valve is adjustable;
2.The dual-valve injection pulse width is adjustable.


 Relevant Information

1.Detailed Instruction Manual;
2.Operation videos;
3.Maintenance videos.

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